Chapter 1 – Introduction

This introductory chapter describes the book and lays out how SketchUp fits into the designer’s toolbox. You can read it for free here.

Links in this chapter:

SketchUp models in this chapter:

(The model viewer requires a WebGL-capable browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

The infrared house model – You can also download the SketchUp file.

The QR code model – You can also download the SketchUp file.

More SketchUp models are on the 3DWarehouse page.

Talk about your work:

You can talk to me or discuss general SketchUp topics with other users on this site in the following groups:

SketchUp for Architecture group or SketchUp for Construction group

Next steps:

  • Chapter 2 lists more links to community websites and discussion forums.
  • You can find books referenced in my text on the Further Reading page.