Chapter 3 – Component-Based 3D Modeling for Efficient and Data-Driven Designs

This chapter goes beyond using SketchUp as a simple 3D modeling tool. Although this software is excellent at that, 3D modeling in SketchUp can be about more than just representing your designs—you can use it very effectively to add design intelligence to your models through parametric objects or data and thereby inform your designs and/or create workflow efficiencies. The following sections cover group- and component-based modeling (for detailing, assembly planning, estimating, and other tasks), working with Dynamic Components, and using Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles.

SketchUp Models In This Chapter:

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Sample Videos From This Chapter:

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All Chapter 3 videos:

  • 0301: Trimming solid objects (included here)
  • 0302: Assembly animation
  • 0303: Exporting video (included here)
  • 0304: Stud wall dynamic component
  • 0305: Space planning with dynamic components
  • 0306: Applying IFC classifications

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5 responses to Chapter 3 – Component-Based 3D Modeling for Efficient and Data-Driven Designs

  1. Alex said on May 6, 2013

    I just bought the book and tried to use the space component from this companion site. Unfortunately I realize now that the one available for download is in the imperial system and I’m looking for one in the metric system. Is it available somewhere else or can you please explain how to create it? Cheers

  2. In the book you say top down load the “Space Component.” Where oh where is it?

  3. As one reader has pointed out, the method in example 3.2 does not work with components or groups that are themselves nested in another component/group. This is a quirk/feature in SketchUp. For the assembly animation, make sure everything that needs to be hidden is selectable without going into group editing mode. More details:

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