Chapter 5 – Rendering in SketchUp

This chapter introduces methods to create photorealistic renderings of SketchUp models and use them for highly polished presentation images. It covers setting up a rendering work flow, giving an overview of rendering methods, and present techniques for setting up the rendering environment, lights, and materials.

Links in this chapter:

SketchUp models in this chapter:

(The model viewer requires a WebGL-capable browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

The sample room model  You can also download the SketchUp file

The backdrop room model  You can also download the SketchUp file

More SketchUp models are on the 3DWarehouse page.

Talk about your work:

You can discuss rendering with SketchUp on this site in the following group:

Rendering group

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  1. I noticed that our rendering programs was not on your list!

    New release Raylectron version 3, Sketchup Rendering program.
    Raylectron v3 Intro:
    Tutorial site:


  2. The Kerkythea site is occasionally down. If that happens, check out their forum:

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