In case you are in need of an opinionated architectural critique, look no further. You can now employ AI for that! With the recently introduced vision capabilities in OpenAI’s services and therefore my OpenAI Explorer SketchUp extension, you can now ask questions about what is in your SketchUp model. But that’s not all: For a little bit more bite in that critique, you can even give the AI response a specific personality, e.g. the snarky critic in my video below.

You can do that via the System Message option in its settings. Just add a line like the one shown in the image below and then that instruction will apply to the entire conversation between you and the AI.

Custom system message in the AI Explorer settings

As you likely know by now, you can download the OpenAI Explorer SketchUp extension and learn more about how it works here.

Got any other fun and/or useful ways to employ this new tool in SketchUp? Let me know in the comments below.


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