Welcome to sketchupfordesign.com!

How Does This Site Work?

This site is meant to be an interactive companion to my (Alex Schreyer’s) book “Architectural Design with SketchUp”. You can use it in many ways. For example, you can:

  • Browse the companion pages and find interactive 3D models, tutorial videos, updated links, further reading and some freebies.
  • Read the tutorials and blog section to learn more about the book and see my latest posts on SketchUp. I typically post announcements under the News category and any how-to’s under Tutorials. Feel free to leave comments.
  • You can also read the most recent SketchUp News and Tutorials from all over the web. This page is updated every half hour.
  • Discuss your own SketchUp work (with or without the book) and ask any questions you have in the groups. You can find those under the Community page. This is where you can read a stream of the interactions of all the site users.

Do I Need To Register?

You do not need to register with this site to access any content on it. However, if you want to interact in blog comments or the groups and forums, you need to register using the form in the sidebar. For your convenience, you can instead log in (and automatically register) using one of your social network log-ins (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Disqus are supported at this time).

As a registered user, you can “friend” any other registered user. This promotes their updates on your homepage, which lets you follow them easier.

How Can I Comment Or Share Content On This Site?

There are several things that you can do with your community comments. After logging into the site, you will see the following form appear on both the homepage as well as the Community page:

Using this form, you can:

  • Post status updates similar to Facebook. Those get posted in you own profile.
  • Post comments or content to the groups that you are a member of. For example, you can post an interesting rendering link to the “Rendering” group.
  • Address another member on the site using a Twitter-like @ handle. As an example, I am telling @Mike something directly using the form above.
  • Include a video or image simply by pasting the sharing link (similar to http://youtu.be/WTnF6Gl4Zxc or http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexschreyer/8109134075/) on its own line in a comment. This works with many video and image hosting sites.
  • Include a Tweet nicely formatted by pasting its sharing link (similar to https://twitter.com/alexschreyer/status/271340427607691264) on its own line in a comment.

What Are Groups?

Any registered user on this site can become a member of a group. Those are simply topic-based interest groups where members can discuss topics (using groups posts and forum posts) and receive (individual or digest) emails that keep them informed about what is going on in the group. For example, if you are interested in rendering, become a member of the Rendering group. I regularly share links and other content there. If you are interested in a group that doesn’t exist yet, let me know and I can get it started.