As you can see in the image above, Trimble has revamped SketchUp’s Add Location dialog. While SU Free users still only get low-resolution DigitalGlobe imagery, paying users can now also work with higher-resolution (and newer) Bing images. Nearmap is apparently being phased out. This all comes from the following forum post:

In response, we’ve made changes to Add Location, and are now excited to introduce:

– New satellite imagery from Microsoft Bing. This imagery is substantially higher in resolution than the current offering, and includes global coverage. Available for all Pro, Studio and Edu subscribers at no added cost.

– Nearmap will no longer be offered because it is not beneficial to the majority of users’ workflows. This will cease being available at the end of October 2022.

– Tile count is now the basis for the maximum area downloadable. This will allow much larger areas of lower resolution maps to be imported in one go, simplifying the workflows for users.

– The overall workflow has been tidied up to require less clicks and communicate what is going on more clearly. The tour has been replaced with clear links to help articles, which have been rewritten.

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