The newest version of SketchUp is now available. The 2022 version was made available a few days ago and has various improvements. The main ones are:

SketchUp Pro (desktop)

  • Search box (tools, settings, etc.) – The search box that was already quite familiar for users of the SketchUp web app is now also available on the desktop. Just hit Shift-S to get started. What’s really cool for an extension user like me is that extension tools also automatically show up here.
  • Lasso Select – A neat way to select objects that just don’t fit into a rectangular selection window.
  • Stamp Copy – A multi-copy tool similar to what I had already implemented in my Place Shapes Toolbar. Nice to now have it in the Move tool, too.
  • Tag Tool – A better way to tag objects (i.e. assign objects to layers in “old lingo”). Just click the tag icon and click away on what needs to be tagged. Much faster than always going to the “Entity Info” dialog.
  • Freehand tool improvements – A much smoother way to use the freehand tool that now also allows to select the number of segments, similar to other SketchUp tools.
  • Tangent Inference Lock – Tangents make for nicer compound curves! This new feature helps with that.
  • Scene Search – Useful if there are lots of scenes (views) in your model.


  • Auto-Text updates – Lots of new tools and labels that make it easier to add parametric auto-text to your sheets, such as:
    • Viewport-based auto-text labels
    • Page management auto-text
    • Sequence auto-text
  • Find & Replace – Much better than rifling through pages of spec text.
  • Zoom Selection – A better way to zoom. Just select something and use this tool.

More Information


The SketchUp folks and others have made very nice videos that show the new and improved features. You can watch them right here:

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