By now you most probably have heard that SketchUp 2014 has been released. There are quite a few great new-feature overviews and reviews out there and I’ll suggest you look at the ones linked at the end of this post to get up to speed. For now, I just wanted to show you why the Ruby update in SketchUp 2014 is pretty amazing. Look at this image:

Flickr and SketchUp
We can now use web requests in our Ruby code!

What is so interesting about the image above? Well – those are images that were loaded from Flickr directly into SketchUp using the now included “net/http” library. Since SU 2014 not only updated Ruby to 2.0 but also included all of the standard libraries, stuff like this is now possible. You can integrate Net functionality much more and create all kinds of interesting mash-ups. To replicate what I did above, copy the following code snippet and either paste it into the Ruby Console (it now accepts multiline Ruby!) or into my Ruby Code Editor.

Code Snippet

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