In this video tutorial I show how you can take a portrait of a loved one (or yourself) and – using SketchUp – turn it into a revolved object that you can then use as a vase, cup, candle holder etc. This technique is simple and makes for a great gift (e.g. by 3D printing). As a bonus, I show how you can create a face-morphing shape with two portraits.

Keen readers of this blog may know that I covered this technique in a step-by-step tutorial in one of my earliest posts. I had never done a video tutorial on this technique, however, which is hereby remedied.

Tutorial Video


While the basic technique uses only SketchUp’s built-in tools, I also demonstrate some of Fredo6’s extensions here:

  • Joint PushPull – An extension that lets you thicken any surface.
  • FredoSpline – This is useful for creating smooth curves and converting between different curve types.
  • Curviloft – This lets you “morph” between two outlines.

I hope you find this useful and create some cool items. Feel free to post those in the discussion area below.

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