Drop stones to zero
Dropping all stones to zero (Model: “Rock for landscape 02” by Intresto from 3DW)

The following simple code snippet takes any objects (groups or components) that you have selected and drops them to the ground (i.e. moves them to z = 0). I find this quite useful sometimes to just make sure that all those objects in my model are actually on the ground plane and not 1/64″ above or below it. Just keep in mind that this routine uses the lowest point in an object’s bounding box. Select the object to see how that (blue) bounding box looks like before you use the code.

Also: This does not work for lines and edges because for those you will need to move their vertices individually to z = 0. I’ll post a tutorial for that at some later point.

Code Snippet

Select some objects in SketchUp (groups or components only) and run this script.

This collection of small script snippets presents handy little routines that are usually too small to put into a proper extension. Use them with the Ruby Code Editor (just paste the code and hit “run”) or make them more permanent as a menu item (see Appendix D in my book).

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