There are nowadays quite a few ways in which we can share a SketchUp model with the world, thanks to a technology that is built right into most modern browsers: WebGL. One example is Trimble’s 3D Warehouse, where an uploaded model becomes an interactive one just by clicking on a small icon:


Other web services expand on this technology. Of those, Sketchfab offers amazing possibilities when it comes to adjusting the model and its materials after upload. Using its 3D Editor, you can tweak the interactive WebGL model quite a bit. Here is an example of an edited SketchUp model.

I am covering the process of preparing a SketchUp model, uploading, and adjusting it in a guest post on the Sketchfab blog. You can read it at the link below. Feel free to discuss anything related to this process in the comments below this post.

If you want to experiment with the sample model, download it here:

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