In this video I am having a bit of fun with the new SketchUp Diffusion tool…

Give this a try: Add only a single cube to your modeling space and then try to create an interesting visualization from that using only the prompts and the styles in SketchUp Diffusion. This is actually a great way to explore prompt engineering. It is interesting how the AI is able to capture the general orientation of the scene from just the cube and the horizon line behind it.

You can find my original forum post about this on the SketchUp forums here. And admittedly I based this on a competition that the Blender community has been doing for a while. Check those out, too.

For more on what you can do with SketchUp and Diffusion, take a look at my initial post about this topic.



Here are some of my own examples:

Prompt: “A treasure in a luxurious space.”
Prompt: “A floating, death star spacecraft over a desolate landscape”
Prompt: “A stone sculpture in a lush, tropical forest”

Have you tried this for yourself? Upload your results in the comments below.

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